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If you ask the Authorities, they may very well tell you that you should just pay the ransom—this is hard to swallow. The answer to the problem, as with many things related to computer security, is to realise that prevention is better than cure. 1. Backup your data. Don’t just backup your data to a
Communication is king
The cloud has seen explosive use of its services and solutions since it was first introduced, and for good reason–it offers benefits that are too useful for a business to pass up. These benefits vary, but all serve a singular purpose: to make the user’s experience easier. Here are some of the ways that the
You’re in the middle of a project when your computer starts acting up. You smack it around a little bit to see if that has any effect, but it only makes the problem worse. Suddenly, there’s a blue screen and you have no clue what to do. What happened to your data? What will happen
Every year, we hear about a major corporation being hacked. No matter the size of the business, weak links can always be identified in a network’s security. Let’s look at two of the biggest security leaks and how they could’ve been avoided. The Victims: Sony Pictures and its Employees In November of 2014, a hacker
Is your business prepared to handle all kind of online threats? A recent study shows that it probably isn’t. According to the think tank Ponemon Institute, four out of five businesses don’t have the infrastructure or security experts they need to spot and prevent incoming cyber attacks from succeeding. This is a significant statistic that

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