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SME IT we genuinely believe that our solution goes further than simply offering the right IT support product. We focus our efforts on delivering exceptional level of service, that goes 'beyond expectation' and ensures we strive to delivery excellent experiences for our clients.

We can provide a huge range of services to the clients we work with; from IT Managed Services - on standard business hours or 24/7 basis - network monitoring and management, solution design and implementation, business continuity and disaster recovery; to Virtual IT Director services. Due to the variety of businesses we work with, in both size and vertical markets, we are ideally placed to offer our clients a reasoned and calculated opinion on their IT investments to ensure that best value is achieved.

By outsourcing your IT to SME IT we will not only take away all your IT worries but also focus on providing you with many benefits.

Our solutions address common challenges facing today’s growing businesses; from email, web and data security through to on and off premise backup solutions.

Our SME IT pro-active help desk service that enables us to remotely manage your technology 24x7. Over 90% of technology issues are remotely diagnosed and fixed without clients knowing of an impending problem, improving company and employee productivity. Many of our solutions are provided on an annual subscription basis allowing you to spread the costs and can be offset by reducing technology maintenance costs.

To be successful in the computer support business, we must truly believe in the fundamental meaning of service, which simply stated is, (we must always be client focused) and the client (you) must truly be made to feel they are getting value for money.

Our process begins with understanding your business, your goals and objectives for the coming years. We then set to work to define a technology plan that will allow you to exceed these goals.

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