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The traditional way in which companies ran their IT systems, was to run applications or programs from software downloaded on a computer or server in their office. Cloud computing is a way of working using the internet, it is a flexible and cost effective way to provide access to systems independant of your staffs location whilst also providing better uptime and resilience. Being “in the cloud” is the way forward for companies, with low cost and no capital expenditure, and is quickly becoming integrated into our professional lives.

In most cases, the first service a business will move to the cloud is email. Whether you want a more traditional hosted email service, move to Microsoft® Office 365™, or move business critical systems into a more secure and highly available facilities, SME IT offers cloud services that will suit you with the support built in. In addition you can move more of your services to the cloud such as email archiving and encryption, or cloud backup and disaster recovery. There are many more options and no matter what SME IT have got a solution that will fit your needs. We deal with the different cloud vendors so you don’t have to and ensuring the services we use work together. SME IT will work with you to identify your specific needs, which functions are most important to keep running, how much downtime is acceptable, where data should be stored, how often and to where (on- or off-site, private, public or hybrid cloud). We'll also look and consider your user base and how they access these systems or data. Only then once we've understood your needs can we provide you with a solid plan for your transition to the cloud.

  • Increased collaboration – multiple users can work on the same document
  • Work from anywhere – all you need is an internet connection
  • Document control – multiple users can work on the same document at the same time
  • Reduce risk of data loss – remotely wipe data from stolen devices

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Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Platform provide a collection of integrated cloud services.

Sometimes the best environment for a workload is one that combines both public and private cloud across providers.

Get the agility, scalability and efficiency of the public cloud, with the greater levels of control and security of a single-tenant, dedicated environment.

Are you confident that you could maintain business as usual in the event of disaster or disruption?

Microsoft Office 365 is a best-in-class Cloud-based productivity solution designed to help your organisation meet new technology demands.

Moving to the cloud can be dawnting which is why we provide the service to help.

Putting your phone system in the cloud provides you with lower costs and geater flexibility

Keep your data safe and offline gives your business peace of mind.

Lower your cost and increase performance by moving your computing power to the cloud

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