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In my last article (Calculating the GBP cost of risk with SME IT Security Liability Assessment ), I outlined how organisations – big and small – can both identify and quantify risk by placing a GBP cost on that risk. This process, as defined by SME IT Security Liability Assessment solution, calculates risk as a
Every vendor involved in security talks about risk. But risk as a concept is tough to grasp – it just means something bad can happen to your organisation, not that it will necessarily happen. Somehow, you’re supposed to equate the presence of some level of risk with an equal level or priority within IT. Often,
How do I Know if I need Managed IT? The majority of my customers have a lot of the same questions about Managed IT. They struggle with a lot of the same IT-related issues too. This isn’t to say all businesses or customers are the same; far from it. What I mean is when you
If your job is running a business, it’s pretty likely that making time to fully compare and understand every piece of business technology just isn’t in the cards. Even if you are pretty comfortable around computers and networking equipment, there are a lot of solutions out there, each with a big list of pros and
Well-known cyber criminal Peace listed 200 million records of Yahoo user credentials on for sale on the dark web at the beginning of August. This data included usernames, passwords that were hashed using the md5 algorithm and dates of birth. This data was apparently collected illegitimately during a 2012 hack. The price for this hacked

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