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When it comes to managing your own IT one of the biggest headaches is, and will continue to be, Cyber Security. The malware industry is in the business of making money, albeit through unscrewpulious means. They will use a multitude of tools which range from simple email spam to highly sophisticated techniques taking advantage of vulnerabilities or poor security protocols within a company. If you are hit by a security incident it can result in data loss, loss of productivity and loss of reputation. SME IT work closely with a range of specialist security vendors and can provide you with best of breed security solutions for all aspects of your network. We work on a vendor agnostic basis, always ensuring that we use technologies that works best in your network and business. Your security is our top priority.

We will monitor and maintain your security 24/7, ensuring your systems are up to date, vulnerable applications are patched and updates are applied. We will also train your staff on best practices where applicable, to reduce the risk of man-made breaches. We utilise a number of ways to train clients including ongoing testing to make sure employees are utilising the knowledge gained.

And what about threats emerging through new technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) – have you considered it? We have, and we will continue to keep abreast of new security technologies being developed to keep your future protected as well.

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Our Layered Security Methodology

No one thing allows you to become cyber secure, there are a number of aspects
you need to look at and we've wrapped these up into our layers below.

End Point Protection

End point protection is the last line of defence but still essential. Does yours protect you, Not all antivirus products are the same

Email Security

Protection from email born threat is essential. Just a single email with a link or attachment could take your business offline.


The weakest part of any network is the unsuspecting user. Our testing and training we can make sure your users are safe from phishing attempts.

BYOD/Mobile Security

External unmanaged devices bring a huge number fo threats to your business.

Log Audits

Keeping an eye on your logs is an important factor when monitoring your security

Firewalls and Web Filtering

Correctly configured and monitored firewalls are essentail and performs perimiter defence so should filter content entering your network.

Backup & Data Loss Protection

Offisite backup and protection from data leaving your network unauthorised

Password Management

Simple passwords are a problem for your business and with password management it can be hard to know.


How is your data stored? Is it readable in transit? What happens if someone loses a laptop or USB stick with data on it. This is where encrytion can save your data.

Penetration Testing

Testing your external services for security holes is a requirement of PCI compliance.

Vulnerability Scanning

Reduce the risk of multiple sources of attacks

Review & Planning

Review policies and plan for the worse

Take control of your security with SME IT's Cyber Security

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Intelligence about risk

  • Data risk communicated as financial impact

    We found the best way to relay the risk is with a cost value
  • At-risk data discovery

    Discover where your data is and what risks they post to you
  • Deep vulnerability scanning

    Are your machines patch to the latest level or are you vulnerable
  • Risk trending reports

    Educating users and report to make sure that your changes are being implemented
  • Discovery of inappropriate access and alerts

    Discover inappropriate storage of data
  • Compliance and data breach scans

    Our scans report back based on the type and nature of the data
  • and more

    Businesses are shocked to discover just where a lot of data is held, and it's not in the secure storage you thought!

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Take control of your security with SME IT Cyber Security

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