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Every business has risk of data loss from an ever growing range of threats.

Risk to your business is not new and although many CEO's see this as sophisticated people only going after the large enterprise companies, I'm afraid thats not true and it's not all external threats either. CEO's that are on the ball are realising that protecting company assets such as data and reputation are key. SME IT help to solve these business issues with our Security Liability Services. We analyse multiple data points to uncover hard to detect issues, measure risk based on impact to the network and suggest recommended fixes. Unlike any other IT assessment products, there are no agents, probes or software to install. IT security is a hot topic right now with hacks or data breaches being more widely publisesed such as TalkTalk,, NHS and the UK's own Parliment to name but a few this year, and it's not slowing down.

We understand risk and how that is reflected within your IT systems

There are too many ways that a network can be compromised to leave it to chance that nothing wrong is going on "behind the scenes". Key issues:

  • Email-based viruses getting through unprotected mailboxes
  • Worms, viruses and malware infiltrating outbound port/protocol access, backdoors, and "command and control"
  • Trojan applications and phishing schemes

In addition to the potential damage to networks and data, there are other critical business reasons to be tracking and documenting key network security attributes::

  • Employee productivity – wasted by accessing Facebook, ESPN, shopping, porn sites
  • Bandwidth abuse that can be slowing down critical business applications
  • Downloading of pirated software
  • Loss of proprietary business data and information from the inside

There are a number of very effective tools and techniques that can help you address many of the common threats and problems, including firewalls, virus production tools, Internet Content filtering, and more. However, if any of these tools were 100% effective, there would be no security breaches and we know we’re far away from that. As soon as a known threat is addressed by these tools, a new one emerges. There’s not a product out there in the world today that can create security policies for you and enforce that those policies are adhered to.

And if you’re the one who is responsible for specifying, installing, and/or managing these tools, you absolutely need to make sure that they’re working on a regular basis. Even if the hardware and software are performing perfectly month after month, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be working tomorrow.

That’s why our clients choose SME IT Security Liability Assessment.

Because SME IT Security Liability Assessment can be used in so many ways, performing IT assessments is the market-proven best way to uncover network and security risks and exposing a current provider's missed issues!

But the ROI goes well beyond the reports generated. The SME IT Security Liability Assessment has many other everyday uses. It's become a "must-have" assessment for most companies.

SME IT Security Liability Assessment also ANSWERS 4 CRITICAL QUESTIONS:

  1. Where is my unprotected data and who has access to it?
  2. Which employee has innocently been storing sensitive data?
  3. How can attackers get to the data?
  4. What is it going to cost when a data breach occurs?

By examining your vulnerable at-rest data across your network, the vulnerabilities on your systems and calculating the potential financial risk should a breach occur.

Discover for yourself how much vulnerable data has been saved on machines.

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